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I’ve talked with quite a few creatives, wanting to start their own NFT collection series or mint native assets on the Cardano Blockchain.
And out of all those conversations there were always a few things which I made sure to point out.

So I thought — why not compose a…

Passwords suck. There I said it.
That’s why it’s usually preferred to access systems with private / public key authentication. Especially popular with ssh connections.

Nonetheless — even a private key can get compromised. It lives — most of the times — on your local machine and therefore can be…

With the surge of native assets and multiple NFT pre-sales more and more people are looking to get into the NFT game in Cardano.
And the community already came up with some solutions to lower the entry barrier significantly.

Many stake pools offer minting (the official term to create a…

NFTs are currently the hype if you float around the cardano universe. With the recent launch of SpaceBudz and CardanoBits many more are preparing to launch their own, custom NFTs in the Cardanosphere.

That in itself is quite impressive because if you follow the Cardano Project a bit you might…

Die Idee hinter “Proof of Stake” ist recht einfach erklärt.

Es ist ein Verfahren um zu ermitteln, wer den nächsten Block in der Blockchain erstellten darf.
Und jede Person die ADA besitzt ist – rein theoretisch – dazu berechtigt.

Gleich vorweg – die Chancen dazu sind allerdings sehr unwahrscheinlich, denn…

Before we even begin, let’s talk about what motivation means to me and what my understanding of it is.

Motivation is the inner fuel for any movement.
It’s the why to the executed action.

I want to give you an example how my take on “motivation” changed while, well, to…

Alex | @ruttkowa

Munich Metal | Cardano Ambassador | I want to show how tech can help you | 🇩🇪 & 🇬🇧

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