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Alex | @ruttkowa

Projects pushing the limits

Since the launch of native assets for the Cardano blockchain I’ve seen a few more projects, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
Some of them even implementing on-chain NFTs without being dependend on IFPS.

Picture by Kateryna Babaieva / Pexels
  1. For the not so tech savy through someone else.
  2. For the more tech savy on a cardano node

Graph of how many tokens got minted over time on the Cardano Blockchain. There’s a significant peak starting mid April.
Minted token over time (Source:


Das Protokoll Ourboros ist ein Programm, das darüber entscheidet…

Alex | @ruttkowa

Cardano Stake Pool Operator of Munich Metal, Ticker [MUC] | I want to show how tech can help | 🇩🇪 & 🇬🇧

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